Welsh Government

Wales Kidney Research Unit


Professor Donald Fraser, Cardiff University
02920 748449


The Cardiff University led Wales Kidney Research Unit will deliver an all-Wales strategy for the study of diagnosis, prevention, treatment and social context of kidney disease.

The Unit will test existing clinical approaches to underpin discovery, design and pre-clinical development of prototype diagnostics and therapies for kidney disease.

It will also enable researchers, clinical staff, patients, families and carers to work together to answer important health and social care research questions, and to develop state-of-the-art services that benefit the needs of the population.

The Unit will:

  • integrate the all-Wales renal dataset into the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank;
  • extend recruitment to the Wales Kidney Research Tissue Bank to include all centres in Wales;
  • fill the identified gaps in the evidence related to service provision for Acute Kidney Injury across Wales, and help guide the subsequent evidence-led service evaluation programme;
  • develop the existing programme of work on early identifiers in Acute Kidney Injury and infection diagnosis together with Welsh industry (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise) partners;
  • support development of studies and grant applications that address identified evidence gaps;
  • develop the existing programme of work on novel biomarkers for chronic kidney disease and infection;
  • understand the effects of implementation of the new social contract underpinning the move to a soft opt out for organ donation in Wales from 1 December 2015;
  • facilitate appropriately powered outcome studies on Welsh renal patients, identifying key morbidity and mortality determinants; and
  • increase the clinical utility of activity based on the world-class renal science developed over the past 25 years.



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