Welsh Government

Wales Gene Park


Professor Julian Sampson, Cardiff University
02920 746412


Led from Cardiff University, the Wales Gene Park promotes and facilitates Welsh medical genetic and genomic research and educates and informs the public and health professionals about the issues and opportunities this raises. 

The Infrastructure Support Group will:

  • help put Wales at the forefront of genetics and genomics research, in particular through supporting Health and Care Research Wales infrastructure activities and programmes;
  • support researchers in Wales by providing access to genetic infrastructure services, including conventional and novel applications of Next Generation Sequencing and transgenics;
  • enhance public and professional awareness and understanding of (health) genetic and genomic research and the issues and opportunities this research raises;
  • use genomic technologies to drive the development of genomic medicine in Wales, particularly focused on translational genetic research in common and rare disorders where Wales has research strength;
  • provide leadership in rare genetic disease research; and
  • improve the competitive position of Wales in genomic medicine, helping Wales to become capable of undertaking genomic analysis at significant scale and to link genomic information to routine clinical data and other relevant data sets.



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