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Wales Cancer Research Centre


Professor John Chester, Cardiff University
02921 848970

Website: www.walescancerpartnership.com/wcrc/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theWCRC
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Wales Cancer Research Centre

The Wales Cancer Research Centre is funded by the Welsh Government and is a vital part of Health and Care Research Wales’ infrastructure. It is led from Cardiff University, but with an all-Wales brief. The Centre’s research partners include NHS Wales, Welsh universities, cancer charities and the pharmaceuticals industry. Patient and public involvement is central to all that it does.

The Centre’s transformative work focuses on a number of areas:

1) Delivering cancer research excellence for better health and wealth for the people of Wales and beyond (this includes developing and managing research that aims to provide):

  • New cutting edge treatments
  • Treatments that are more effective and less toxic
  • Evidence-based palliative care and cancer-based social care
  • Cancer prevention and earlier cancer diagnosis
  • Better decision making for patients and doctors  

2) Improving collaboration with partners to advance research in Wales and beyond

  • Working with key partners to build research knowledge and capacity
  • Bring inward investment into Wales by working with cancer charities, research councils and industry  

3) Ensuring research engagement, participation, involvement and awareness for patients and the public

  • Accessible information about our laboratory and clinical trials activities
  • Opportunities for patients to participate in research, as well as being its subjects
  • Enhanced involvement of patients and the public in developing and shaping cancer research in Wales
  • Greater public awareness of research methods and results

4) Turning cancer research results into better cancer care

  • Personalised treatments, specifically tailored to each patient
  • Improved routine care for future cancer patients
  • Optimising the use of health resources by ensuring the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Ultimately, the Centre will perform and support cancer research of the highest quality, which builds on Wales’ international research reputation, with a clear focus on collaboration, innovation and improved patient outcomes.


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