Welsh Government

Use of Routine Data in Research

Published in 2013, the ‘Maximising the Use of Routine Data for Research’ Delivery Plan presents the Division for Social Care and Health Research’s vision of how smarter use of routine data can offer greater opportunities for research.

It outlines objectives to broaden investment in approaches to utilise routine data for research – approaches that can offer new ways to investigate and understand factors affecting health and illness in the population, and how research using routine data can translate into direct benefits for people in Wales. 

This vision for the smarter use of data to support research will continue to have an important role in the research infrastructure in Wales.

The Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) databank has been re-commissioned, building on success to date and offering internationally recognised expertise in e-health research.

The proposed development of prospectively-consented e-cohorts has also influenced the development of a key initiative - HealthWise Wales.