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Support and Delivery Service

The Support and Delivery infrastructure consists of the Health and Care Research Wales @NHS R&D services and the Health and Care Research Wales @Support and Delivery Centre.

Health and Care Research Wales @NHS R&D services are based at each NHS organisation in Wales, they build local capacity and capability to support high quality research to maximise impact.

The local services are delivered by NHS R&D Departments who employ R&D managers/coordinators to facilitate the sponsoring and/or hosting of studies. In addition, the heads of the research delivery staff are employed by NHS R&D departments have all-Wales and regional responsibilities to facilitate spread of studies through supporting Specialty Leads, providing oversight of delivery resources and supporting NHS R&D Directors at a local level.

Health and Care Research Wales @Support and Delivery Centre is a Wales-wide service, providing centralised support functions across Health and Care Research Wales and also on behalf of @NHS R&D services. @Support and Delivery Centre provides the coordinated support for a suite of delivery programmes and projects.

Download: Support & Delivery Service 2017 - 22 Strategic Framework

Support and Delivery Service partners are (shaded blue in the diagram above):

Support & Delivery Service Vision

Our vision is to realise a ‘One Wales Seamless Service’ for supporting and delivering high quality health and social care research.

Support & Delivery Service  Strategic Aims

Strategic Aim 1: Public

We will increase opportunities for patients and the public* to participate in, and benefit from safe ethical research, regardless of geographical locations.

Strategic Aim 2: Research Community

We will enable Industry and Chief Investigators to set-up studies in multiple sites across Wales in a single access, streamlined and efficient way.

Strategic Aim 3: Staff

We will attract and deploy appropriately skilled, qualified and experienced staff in a consistent way across Health and Care Research Wales, embedding shared values and behaviours.

Support & Delivery Service  Mission

The Support and Delivery Service’s mission is to facilitate health and social care research that will improve the health and well-being of people in Wales by providing an effective and efficient joined-up centralised and local service.