Welsh Government

Health and Care Research Wales Specialty Leads

Health and Care Research Wales has recruited over 20 Welsh specialty leads to champion and support research development and delivery.

Working across clinical specialities, these leads will provide additional research development and delivery support in areas covered by, but extending beyond, our centres and units.

Specialty Leads in Wales provide important strategic support as part of the Health and Care Research Wales Support & Delivery Service, building networks of principal investigators within their specialty and supporting the uptake of studies throughout Wales. They map onto the 30 National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) therapeutic areas and provide strong UK-level engagement for Wales.

Specialty leads:

  • Anaesthesia, peri-operative medicine and pain management - Dr Tamas Szakmany

  • Cardiovascular disease - Dr Richard Anderson

  • Children - Dr Philip Connor

  • Critical care - Dr Matthew Morgan

  • Dermatology - Dr John Ingram

  • Diabetes - Professor Stephen Bain

  • Gastroenterology - Dr Sunil Dolwani

  • Haematology - Dr Raza Alikhan

  • Hepatology - Dr Chin Lye Ch’ng

  • Injuries and emergencies - Dr Ceri Battle & Nigel Rees (shared role)

  • Mental health - Professor Jon Bisson

  • Metabolic and endocrine disorder - Dr Aled Rees

  • Musculoskeletal disorders - Dr Kate Button

  • Neurology - Dr Khalid Hamandi

  • Oral and dental health - Professor Ivor Chestnutt

  • Primary Care - Dr Andrew Carson-Stevens

  • Renal - Dr Sian Griffin

  • Reproductive health and childbirth - Professor Julia Sanders

  • Respiratory - Professor Keir Lewis

  • Stroke - Dr Jonathan Hewitt, deputy: Dr Manju Krishnan

  • Surgery - Professor Iain Whittaker

If you would like to contact one of the Specialty Leads, please email SpecialtyLeadsSupport@wales.nhs.uk