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GCP Tools and Templates:

Appointment Checklist

Consent Audit Tool

Delegation Audit Tool

Delegation of Duties Log

Document Tracking Log

File Note

GCP Reference Guide

Investigator Site File Contents Template (CTIMP)

Investigator Site File Contents Template (Non-CTIMP)

PI Oversight Record

Research CV Template

Safety Reporting Decision Tree

Source Data Audit Tool

Study-Specific Training Log

Study Supplies Issues Log

Telephone Summary

Treatment Allocation Log

GCP fundamental presentations:

The following suite of fundamental training slides are for use by those who are working on aspects of a research study within their normal day to day role, for example pharmacy dispensing staff, those administering a study drug, and pathology staff. This training applies to staff who are not working as part of the direct study team delegated duties on the delegation log for that study, please see the All-Wales GCP Training SOP. You may print the slides for your training folder, for your own record of training, these slides are subject to change and for personal use only.

Other resources:

New Research Awareness Factsheet available 

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training should be appropriate and proportionate to staff roles and the activities being taken. The all-Wales SOP on GCP training describes the levels of training required for different staff roles. The SOP states training requirements are ultimately a local business decision by R&D and or the sponsor but it sets out alternative training solutions available to different groups.

Staff working in a research environment but not directly involved in the research itself fall into the ‘research aware’ group. They do not require full GCP training but need to have an understanding of what is going on around them. The SOP states that a form of internal discussion or training can be carried out instead.

Our feedback shows that many researchers would like a pre-made factsheet they can use within their teams to train their research aware staff. We have listened to this feedback and have created our Research Awareness Factsheet to meet this need. Download the factsheet now.

The Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Centre training team provides a high-quality, free training programme for research staff across Wales, to support excellence in health and social care research studies. The team have produced a free, downloadable booklet with includes information on: CPD certification, who can access the training programme, examples of courses provided and team contact details. Download the booklet here.

Health and Care Research Wales jargon buster

Health Research Authority's (HRA) "prepare study documentation" resources 

Talking to patients about randomised controlled trials

The Sussex Health Outcomes Research and Education Centre has developed a set of videos to aid staff training in how to talk about research with patients. More information and a selection of video clips can be found on their website

Learning and development providers:

Academi Wales
Academi Wales is the centre for excellence in leadership and management for public services in Wales. Established in September 2012, Academi Wales is part of the portfolio of the Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for local government and public services.

University of South Wales - Professional development
Delivering transformational learning experiences, geared to address the needs of our clients. Upskilling and creating learning journeys.

Social care information, training, development and resources


Wales School for Social Care Research http://www.walessscr.org/en/

Social Care Wales https://socialcare.wales/ with links on the site to Universities across Wales offering courses

Social Care Institute for Excellence https://www.scie.org.uk/


Corsera: free courses/MOOCs https://www.coursera.org/courses?languages=en&query=free+courses

Alison: free courses https://alison.com/courses/humanities?locale=en&

SOAS: University of London https://www.soas.ac.uk/library/resources/ble/

University of Sheffield: resource library https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/library/cdfiles/caredata

University of Edinburgh - Introduction to social research methods https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-social-research-methods-edinburghx-socrmx