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Researchfish: Guidance for grant award holders

The 2020 Researchfish submission window closed at the beginning of March.
Health and Care Research Wales award holders with a contractual requirement to submit (this includes awards with response codes 1 and 4 – and are active or have completed within the last five years) who have not yet submitted will be given a further opportunity to submit information in the autumn, or when COVID-19 pressures have eased on our research community. This is consistent with the approach taken by NIHR.
In the meantime, sanctions will not be applied. You may, of course, continue to enter and edit information on the outputs, outcomes and impact of your Health and Care Research Wales-funded projects(s) in Researchfish at any time.

All Health and Care Research Wales award scheme-funded researchers are now required to submit data to through the Researchfish platform (app.researchfish.com) on their project’s outputs, outcomes and impacts.

Grant award holders are expected to annually submit data to their funder via Researchfish, and for five years beyond the end of the grant award to assess longer-term outputs, outcomes and impact. Your submissions to Researchfish complement the quarterly and end of project reports you provide to Health and Care Research Wales.

The data you submit allows us to:

  • Monitor the outputs, outcomes and impact of the research we fund.
  • Demonstrate the difference your research project has made to health and care services and wider society.
  • Provide evidence to support continued investment in research

♦ How do I get started?

If you are new to Researchfish, grant award holders, referred to as Principal Investigators (PIs) in the system, will be sent an automated email which will include a link to activate their account, after which you will be able to enter output and impact information. You may delegate access for particular awards to a member of your research team to help complete the submission. After accepting your invitation, you can access your award(s) using the following link: www.researchfish.net.

A useful introductory 8 minute video by Researchfish shows you how to navigate the submission process, and there is a comprehensive online user guide (userguide.researchfish.com) also available as a [PDF download].

If you have a new award, we will send you an email with a link that will add your new award to your Researchfish account when you click on it. You can also link to your ORCID through Researchfish.

♦ How do I submit?

You may enter and edit information in Researchfish at any time throughout the year, but it must be verified and submitted during the submission window that we set. This confirms that the information given is correct and can be used. You can download a full question set in advance from Researchfish

♦ Where can I get help?

  • Click on ‘Help and Support’ within Researchfish for technical advice.

  • Contact Health and Care Research Wales at Healthandcareresearchgrants@gov.wales if your have a question about the award itself or how to respond to particular outputs.

♦ Further Guidance and FAQ