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The Health and Care Research Wales Research Directory is a comprehensive database of the health and social care research activity taking place across Wales. It includes eligible non-commercial and industry-funded health and social care research studies, Pathway to Portfolio studies, biobanks and research data registries.

If you have a study or research activity you think should be included in the Research Directory please visit our Research Support page.

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Follow the links below to view the current list of active research in each category of the Research Directory. The Research Directory changes regularly as studies open or close, and is updated on a monthly basis. 

Health and Social Care Portfolio (pdf)

The Health and Care Research Wales Health and Social Care Portfolio provides a register of the high quality health and social care research studies being undertaken across Wales that meet specific eligibility criteria

All studies on the Health and Social Care Portfolio are required to upload their recruitment activity onto the Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) on a monthly basis.

Commercial Research Register (pdf)

The Commercial Research Register holds information on all commercial research studies taking place in the NHS in Wales. Commercial contract research studies receive full funding from industry, i.e. funding of the activities that are additional to treatment outside the context of the study, including funding for all research costs, NHS support costs and treatment costs.

Biobanks (pdf)

A Biobank can be defined as a type of biorepository that stores biological samples (usually human) for use in research. Biobanks have become an important resource in medical research, in particular supporting research relating to genomics and precision medicine. Biobanks give researchers access to data representing a large number of people. Samples in biobanks and the data derived from those samples can often be used by multiple researchers for a range of research studies and purposes.

Research Database Studies (pdf)

Research Data Registries are organised systems that collect uniform data (clinical and other) to evaluate specified outcomes for a population defined by a particular disease, condition, or exposure, and serve one or more predetermined scientific, clinical or policy purpose. 

Pathway to Portfolio (pdf)

Pathway to Portfolio studies are Health and Care Research Wales’ funded activities that are undertaken to inform the development of a portfolio study or a grant application for a portfolio study. This can include feasibility and pilot activity along with work to develop a platform for future portfolio studies in health and social care. Pathway to Portfolio studies are those that could ultimately lead to a successful grant award from research funders whose funding schemes meet portfolio eligibility criteria.

Further information

For more information and advice on the Health and Care Research Wales Research Directory please email portfolio@wales.nhs.uk or click on the links below:

Research Directory Policy 


Uploading recruitment data