Welsh Government

Protocol development

The All Wales Research Design and Conduct Service (RDCS) can provide support and advice to help you develop your research idea into a study protocol.

Their areas of expertise include:

  • Formulating research questions
  • Identifying appropriate methodologies
  • Building a research team
  • Involving patients and the public
  • Providing advice on writing lay summaries
  • Identifying suitable funding opportunities
  • Designing a study
  • Crafting well-constructed funding proposals
  • Advising on regulatory and ethical issues
  • Identifying the resources required for a successful project

The All Wales RDCS brings together three Research Design and Conduct Service teams based at Cardiff University, Bangor University and Swansea University. For more information, please contact your local office.

Members of the public should be involved in protocol development, find out more about how to involve the public in your research here

The Health and Care Research Wales Clinical Trials Units can facilitate high-quality, timely and successful trial conduct and ensure that regulatory and governance requirements are met.

You can also find protocol templates, and associated guidance, from the Health Research Authority (HRA) here.