Welsh Government

Research Design and Conduct Service

The aim of the service is to support staff working in social care and NHS in developing research projects for public benefit as well as improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Wales, and is funded by the Welsh Government.

The All Wales Research Design and Conduct Service provides guidance and advice to enable researchers to both assess the potential of an idea and to develop a study or trial idea effectively up to the point of application for funding.

Support includes advice on well-constructed funding proposals, sound methodology and study design and more general advice on how to put together effective costings that will account for all resources required throughout the trial.

The service is free for NHS and social care professionals who meet the following minimum criteria:

  • You are intending to seek grants or funding for your proposal

NHS staff also need to ensure that:

  • Your local NHS Research and Development office supports your research or trial proposal
  • You are based in the NHS in your area
  • Please note that if you are contracted to the NHS to provide services, even if you are not employed directly by the NHS, then you may be also be eligible for support. Contact the relevant RDCS office below for further information and to assess your eligibility

If you work in social care and are unsure whether you are eligible for support, please contact the relevant team below, who can advise you of the latest guidelines.

The All Wales RDCS brings together three Research Design and Conduct Service teams based at Cardiff University, Bangor University and Swansea University. For more information, please contact your local office: