Welsh Government

Senior Research Leader

Professor Peter Huxley


Department and Institution

School of Social Sciences, Bangor University

Current Post

Professor of Mental Health Research

Primary Research Field

Mental Health

Secondary Research Field

Social Work

Contact details

01978 727142 


Professor  Huxley qualified as a social worker in Manchester in 1971. He went on to complete his Masters and PhD under Sir David Goldberg’s supervision. Together, they co-authored ‘Common Mental Illness: The pathway to psychiatric care’ and ‘Common Mental Disorder: a Biosocial Model’. Professor Huxley has published 11 books, and over 150 peer reviewed papers in mental health and social work.

Professor Huxley has undertaken over 15 years of research collaboration in Boulder, Colorado, with his colleague Dr. Richard Warner, and also worked with researchers from Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Russia, Norway, Israel, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and the UK. He has helped to develop such widely used social outcome measures as the Lancashire Quality of Life Profile, The Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life, The Social and Community Opportunities Profile (SCOPE), and the UK Resource Generator. Peter is currently translating SCOPE into Cantonese for use by Hong Kong mental health agencies.