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NHS R&D Performance & Local Portfolio Management System (LPMS)

Health and Care Research Wales has set a strategic aim to develop ways of working that ensure excellence in delivery and that maximise the use of resources. Increasing participation and retention in high-quality research studies, offering equitable access to research for people in Wales wherever they live, and delivery health and social care research to time and target, are significant priorities.

The Support and Delivery Centre performance team collates data from all NHS partner organisations in Wales, collating this into reports against key indicators and measures; and business intelligence that supports decision making to achieve the overall strategic aim.

The data relating to research in Wales is entered by NHS organisations into the Wales Local Portfolio Management System (LPMS) (ReDA3). The minimum data set for Wales, which is part of the All Wales LPMS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), sets out the agreed data that will be collected in Wales, which also incorporates the agreed UK wide minimum data set.

The information services team supports the use of LPMS across Wales, including updates and improvements to the system.

LPMS links to the UK-wide Central Portfolio Management System (CPMS) for research activity to be fed from local sites to study teams for verification/ confirmation.

Performance Management and Operational Guidance 

Performance Management of Local Support and Delivery Services 2020/21

In light of the unprecedented situation presented through COVID-19, Welsh Government fully understands that there will be considerable impact on R&D performance and key indicators as outlined in the ‘Delivery Framework’ due to the suspension and pausing of non-commercial and commercial portfolio research planned to take place during 2020/21. Throughout this next year, research activity will continue to be monitored, and Welsh Government’s R&D Division will take account of the current disruption to the research environment and take a pragmatic view on the information feeding into NHS R&D performance indicators.

Delivery Framework for the performance management of NHS R&D 2020/21

Detail on the National NHS R&D objectives, key indicators and targets 2020/21

Monitoring NHS R&D activity 2020/21

Local Portfolio Management System (LPMS)

The all Wales LPMS SOP and Minimum Data Set are under Standard Operating Procedure 3 on the Research Route Map

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please contact research-performance@wales.nhs.uk or telephone 02920 230 457.

For specific system related queries on LPMS, please contact research-information@wales.nhs.uk