Welsh Government

Take part in a research project

A PhD researcher at the School of Linguistics and English Language, Bangor University is looking for people to take part in a project that is assessing language development in Welsh-English bilingual children with and without Down syndrome.

The project team are currently recruiting families who have bilingual children aged 3, and families who have a child with Down syndrome between the ages of 5-18 who may like to be involved in the project. The aim of the research is to gain a better understanding of language development in children with Down syndrome who either speak one language or two and following the project, they hope to provide useful information to parents, schools and the wider community.

You can find more information from the Down Syndrome Association's website where they have posted information about the project.

If you would like to take part in this research or would like further information, email Rebecca Ward at Rebecca.Ward@bangor.ac.uk