Welsh Government

Participation opportunity: Wellbeing research at Swansea University

Please note this is a participation (taking part in a study) not involvement opportunity.

In 2016 new legislation (laws) came into force in Wales to change the way that social care works and what care and support focuses on.  An important part of this was a new focus on the well-being of people using social care services.  All social care services are now supposed to be focused on improving the well-being of people who access them, while still keeping them safe and physically well. 

Swansea University are looking for participants aged 50+ to find about what they think about care and support being focused on well-being. They would also like to know whether the ways well-being is being measured make sense to participants, and any general experiences of social care since the new legislation took force in 2016.

For more information please contact aelwyn.williams@swansea.ac.uk