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Public involvement and engagement latest developments

The Involving People Network name is changing but Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Centre will still be supporting public involvement

Stakeholders, including many network members, were involved in the Involving People Network review which has resulted in some recommendations for improvement. Our public involvement model is moving from a name-based network, to a broader Health and Care Research Wales public involvement community with the hope that it will become more diverse and inclusive. For this reason we will be retiring the Involving People Network name over the next few months.

However we want to reassure you that there will still be:

  • A dedicated Support and Delivery Public Involvement and Engagement team and resources to support public involvement
  • Regular communications from the team
  • The training programme
  • A public involvement annual event
  • Payment of expenses

The new community model will reflect levels of knowledge, skills and time commitment involved and this will be communicated as it evolves.

Please note we only hold essential information about members of the public in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and this will continue.