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NHS R&D Funding Policy

Every NHS organisation is part of the Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Service. In order to provide a range of local R&D services, each NHS organisation is in receipt of Local Support and Delivery Funding. This funding is underpinned by the Delivery Framework - Performance Management of Local Support and Delivery Services 2019/20. The delivery framework sets out how the Welsh Government will performance manage the NHS organisations in Wales in relation to R&D, including the use of their local support and delivery funding, performance against national objectives, key indicators and targets.It also sets out the enablers of research aligned to the IMTPs (Integrated Medium Term Plans) of NHS organisations in Wales.

Local Support and Delivery allocations
Local support and delivery funding allocations are determined by an Activity Based Funding formula based on retrospective research activity. This is used as an indicator for the amount of funding each NHS organisation may need in the forthcoming financial year to support NHS research..

Local Support & Delivery funding operational guidance

NHS R&D Finance Policy Template

The Welsh Government set a national objective to ensure the effective provision of a NHS research infrastructure to develop research capacity through the appropriate use of R&D allocations as well as investment of other R&D income that the NHS organisation generates. The key indicator set to achieve this national objective is for NHS organisations to have a current ‘in use’ finance policy.

Health and Care Research Wales has produced a NHS R&D Finance Policy Template which covers the details and mechanisms necessary for the management, accountability and distribution of NHS research funding and income.

For more information please contact the funding team research-fundingsupport@wales.nhs.uk - 02920 230 457