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NHS R&D Funding Policy

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A key aim for the Welsh Government's Research & Development Division is to maximise the contribution the NHS makes to the research infrastructure in Wales.

Performance Management and Operational Guidance 

The Welsh Government's Research & Development Division's ‘Delivery Framework for the Performance Management of NHS R&D 2019/20’ sets out how Welsh Government will performance manage NHS organisations in Wales in relation to R&D.

1.1 Local Support and Delivery funding 2019/20

1.2 The appropriate use of NHS R&D local support and delivery funding

1.3 Monitoring the use of R&D allocations

1.4 Detail on the national NHS R&D objectives, key indicators and targets

1.5 Monitoring NHS R&D activity

Functions and Competencies of a NHS R&D Office

2.1 R&D office functions

2.2 Competencies for R&D Staff 

NHS R&D Finance Policy Template

The Welsh Government set a national objective to ensure the effective provision of a NHS research infrastructure to develop research capacity through the appropriate use of R&D allocations as well as investment of other R&D income that the NHS organisation generates. The key indicator set to achieve this national objective is for NHS organisations to have a current ‘in use’ finance policy.

Health and Care Research Wales has produced a NHS R&D Finance Policy Template which covers the details and mechanisms necessary for the management, accountability and distribution of NHS research funding and income.

For more information please contact Helen Hodgson - Senior Research Funding, Performance and Portfolio Manager helen.hodgson@wales.nhs.uk 02920 230 457.