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All Wales Research Delivery Funding

Every NHS organisation is part of the Health and Care Research Wales Support and Delivery Service. In order to provide a range of local R&D services, each NHS organisation is in receipt of Local Support and Delivery Funding.

April 1 2020 – The introduction of an All-Wales Research Delivery Funding Model

Health and Care Research is a core NHS activity and ensures patients and the public can be offered opportunities to be part of research studies that bring access to new treatments and generates evidence to improve NHS and Care services. NHS organisations receive funding from Health and Care Research Wales along with funding from other sources to support the delivery of commercial and non-commercial research studies.

From 1 April 2020, following recommendations from the All Wales Task and Finish group, a new All-Wales Research Delivery Funding model will be in place. This approach moves from the previous model of Activity Based Funding to a needs-based approach, where funding moves to where the research is taking place and commensurate with the level of costs incurred at different stages of delivery of the study.

Full details of the new approach together with background and development of the recommendations from the All-Wales Task and Finish Group can be accessed on the All Wales Task and Finish group – Recommendations for a new All-Wales Research Delivery Funding Model

Performance Management of Local Support and Delivery Services 2020/21

In light of the unprecedented situation presented through COVID-19, Welsh Government fully understands that there will be considerable impact on R&D performance and key indicators as outlined in the ‘Delivery Framework’ due to the suspension and pausing of non-commercial and commercial portfolio research planned to take place during 2020/21. Throughout this next year, research activity will continue to be monitored, and Welsh Government’s R&D Division will take account of the current disruption to the research environment and take a pragmatic view on the information feeding into NHS R&D performance indicators.

Further information on COVID-19 is available on the COVID-19 updates page

Local Support & Delivery funding operational guidance

NHS R&D Finance Policy Template

The Welsh Government set a national objective to ensure the effective provision of a NHS research infrastructure to develop research capacity through the appropriate use of research delivery funding as well as investment of other R&D income that the NHS organisation generates. The key indicator set to achieve this national objective is for NHS organisations to have a current ‘in use’ finance policy.

Health and Care Research Wales has produced a NHS R&D Finance Policy Template which covers the details and mechanisms necessary for the management, accountability and distribution of NHS research funding and income.