Welsh Government

Your views on proposed improvement priorities for Social Care Wales

6 May 2016

We are about to launch a consultation to seek views on what the improvement priorities for Social Care Wales should be for their first three years; building on work undertaken by the Transition to Social Care Advisory Panel and its Improvement Sub-Group. Further information on this work can be found on Welsh Government’s website.

Welsh Government has asked us to work with the Care Council for Wales and the social care sector to further the work of the Improvement Sub-Group on the potential improvement priorities identified for Social Care Wales. As part of this work, we are keen to hear your views.

The online consultation will seek your views on the areas identified as potential priorities, as well as providing you with the opportunity to suggest additional priorities for Social Care Wales’ improvement activity. We also want to know what you feel are the key issues around the priorities identified.

The consultation will be open to anyone who has a view on the proposed improvement priorities so please pass this information on to colleagues within your organisation and in other organisations.