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We’ve launched a new model for categorising public involvement opportunities

We’ve launched a new model for categorising public involvement opportunities

21 January 2019

Our new model will introduce three categories of public involvement opportunity. Each category reflects the level of experience, expertise and time commitment the opportunity requires from a member of the public.

From 1 April 2019, following an initial pilot period ending in March 2019, researchers will be asked to sort their public involvement opportunity into either the red, green or blue category. New guidance has been developed, based on these categories, to help researchers when completing an updated researcher request for public involvement application form that incorporates the new model.

The development of the new model came as a result of recommendations from the Involving People Community review, where 73% of those consulted felt that the introduction of different levels of opportunity would have a positive impact.

Barbara Moore, senior public involvement and engagement manager at Health and Care Research Wales, said: “Public Involvement in research, where members work alongside researchers to bring a public perspective, comes in many guises. We hope to make it clearer that every ones voices is valued and can be heard by introducing categories of involvement. The three categories will also ensure researchers think about how and what they need from members of the public.”

Categorising opportunities to the type of activity is a common approach across the UK.

You can read the guidance here.