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Tenovus celebrates 50 years of research

12 May 2015

Tenovus Cancer Care has announced £1m of new funding to mark 50 years of cancer research.

50 years ago, the foundation stone was laid for the Tenovus Institute for Cancer Research, based at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. Since then, the Institute has produced industry-leading research, changing the lives of cancer patients all over the world.

In its 50 years, the institute has made some ground-breaking discoveries. In 1975 at the Institute showed that a contraceptive pill was very effective at halting the growth of breast cancers and the drug Tamoxifen was born. Today, it is taken by millions of women each year worldwide to treat and prevent breast cancer. Researchers at the Institute also played a key role in the research and clinical trials that led to the drug Zoladex becoming a common therapy for both breast and prostate cancer patients.

The £1m will support 19 new research projects across Wales. This will bring the number of research projects to 39, looking at 10 different types of cancer including those most common in Wales; breast, prostate, bowel and lung. Research that looks into a range of the less common and more difficult to treat cancers like pancreatic cancer and brain tumours, are also supported.

Dr Ian Lewis, Tenovus Director of Research and Policy said,

“At Tenovus Cancer Care we are incredibly proud of our long and distinguished history of funding world class research. However, we are also striving for a future where less people develop cancer and those that do will be able to overcome their disease.

This will only be possible through research, and that in turn is only possible through the kind support and donations of the public.

Without this unseen army of people who support the work of Tenovus CancerCare we could not continue to fund research that makes a real difference to the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones”.


For more information visit the Tenovus Cancer Care website (external link).