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#TeamResearch - We couldn’t have done it without you!

#TeamResearch - We couldn’t have done it without you!

20 July 2018

As our #TeamResearch campaign draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the celebrations, and the extraordinary people making the extraordinary happen in research then, now, and in the future.

#TeamResearch combined and celebrated Health and Care Research Wales’ 3rd birthday on 14 May, International Clinical Trials day on 20 May and the NHS’ 70th Anniversary on 5 July. Through cross-cutting publicity activities, it aimed to spread the word about the world-class research taking place in Wales and show how research is shaping the health and care of the nation.

An enormous thank you goes out to everyone who was part of #TeamResearch. Whether you’re a researcher who gave a quote for an article, or a member of the public who featured in a video – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Key messages from the campaign

Two key themes from the campaign shone through from the videos, social media, and web articles that were published. Firstly, that world-class research is taking place in Wales right now, and is vital for improving treatment, care and how NHS services are provided. Today’s research really is tomorrow’s care.

Secondly, content drew on the fact that research is a normal part of NHS care and there are many different ways the public can get involved and engage in research. Ask your health and social care professionals about research that might be relevant to you, or read on our website how you can continue to be part of #TeamResearch.

Our best bits

In terms of campaign highlights, the three main events are of course up there; a lot of celebratory cake has been consumed over the past few months! We’re also thrilled that we published 21 articles since 4 May, drawing attention to Health and Care Research Wales’ amazing infrastructure and revolutionary research studies. The first series of articles looked at world-class research that has taken place in Wales over the past 70 years, such as the cancer ‘wonder drug’ and Archie Cochrane’s work which is still changing lives in Wales. A second series of articles looked at what research might do for us in the future, such as the scientists utilising cutting edge technology including surgical robots, genome mapping and precision medicine to improve procedures and our knowledge of health.

On social media, levels of public engagement reached new highs, with the people on the streets of Cardiff commenting on what they would like to see come from research in the next 70 years. From cancer and Alzheimer’s, to rare genetic conditions and social inequality, everybody had something they personally wanted healthcare research to tackle.

And lastly, we could not forget the video created by BAFTA award winning animator Tom Edgar especially for Health and Care Research Wales, in celebration of the NHS’s 70th birthday. The short clip reflects upon some of the times Tom’s own family have benefitted from the NHS, and the vital work it does to improve health across the UK.

The campaign in numbers

So once more; a round of applause for you. It’s the hard work put in by you which makes all of these celebrations possible, whether it be raising awareness, being involved in research or conducting the studies. Together, we weave an invaluable service which has a shared goal; to improve the health of people in Wales, the UK, and beyond.

You can read and watch all the content from the campaign on the #TeamResearch web page.