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Support and Delivery Event

Support and Delivery Event

22 March 2017

Yesterday (21 March 2017) more than 200 people from across the service – including teams from the Support Centre, Research and Development offices, and Delivery staff – came together for our first annual Support and Delivery event.

Dr Nicola Williams, Director of Support and Delivery, introduced the day with the launch of our 2017-22 strategic framework. The document details our vision to ‘realise a ‘One Wales Seamless Service’ for supporting and delivering high quality health and social care research’, along with our strategic aims. The document is available to read in full here.

At the event we also announced a Learning and Development Fund. The new fund aims to provide financial assistance for Support and Delivery Staff to develop knowledge and skills in the delivery of health and social care research. For more information, please email research-training@wales.nhs.uk

A further development opportunity was introduced with the launch of a job shadowing initiative. Offering the chance to find out how other staff work and what their roles involve, job shadowing has many benefits, including improving communication across Support and Delivery, networking, and self-development. Find out more about job shadowing and the opportunities available

#MyResearchCareer @HealthandCareResearchWales#MyResearchCareer induction packs were also introduced on the day. The packs, which can be used as personal folders, will be available for all new starters and include and induction plans and information on ‘what is research’.




Thank you to all who attended the event. And as a reminder, if you haven’t already, please visit www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/your-views/ and share your views on our service. Your feedback is so important to us. It helps us monitor our performance and will contribute to any changes we make.