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Setting priorities for social care research in Wales

Setting priorities for social care research in Wales

8 June 2020

The surveys are now closed

What is the aim of this project?

Health and Care Research Wales and Social Care Wales want to identify research priorities for the social care and support of people aged 65 and over.

We want to find out the most pressing concerns, from the perspectives of older people who use social care services and the people who support them. We will then work with those groups to prioritise the ones that they think are most important for research to address. The aim is to develop a social care research agenda that will enable older people in Wales to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

We are working in association with the James Lind Alliance, using their method for prioritising research.

How we will do this

We launched two surveys on 8 June, asking people to tell us their questions and comments about the delivery of social care and support.

One survey is aimed at people in Wales aged 65 and over who have received care or support, and their unpaid carers or friends and family providing care. The other survey is aimed at social care practitioners delivering care and support services to people in Wales aged 65 and over.

We will then develop questions for research, based on the responses. The questions that have not been answered by research already will go into a prioritisation process, in which older people and the people who support them will be asked to discuss and choose the ones that they most want research to address.

How to get involved

If you or someone you care for has received care or support, or if you work as a social care practitioner, please take part in the survey.

If your organisation or group works with people aged 65 and over, or represents the interests of social care practitioners, please help promote the survey to them.

We want to hear from a wide range of people. When research happens in future, we want it to be research that makes a real difference to the lives of older people in Wales and which improves the quality of the care and support they receive. 

Please take part and help us spread the word.

The surveys are now closed

For more information

Send an email to the project manager.


Setting priorities for social care research in Wales - survey promotion guide (.docx)