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Would you like to be involved with helping ensure the safety and wellbeing of research participants?

Would you like to be involved with helping ensure the safety and wellbeing of research participants?

29 July 2020

If you are passionate about health and social care research, have the ability to analyse complex issues, take an objective stance and voice your opinion then volunteering to become a member of a Research Ethics Committee could be the perfect opportunity for you – anyone can get involved.

Before the first patient is recruited to a research study, the research application must be reviewed by a Research Ethics Committee. This vital step protects the safety and wellbeing of research participants, and we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you to be a part of a committee in Wales.

What is a Research Ethics Committee?

Research Ethics Committee (REC) members are volunteers who review research taking place in the UK from an ethical viewpoint, protecting patients and the public while promoting good ethical research.

Each member is assigned to a specific committee which has between seven and 18 members who are a mix of members of the public and research experts. Every member’s contribution is valued equally.

What will I be doing?

As a part of the committee you will review health research applications to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people taking part in research, and for the public.

We are looking for people with a strong commitment to protecting patients and the public and also a commitment to promoting good ethical research.

This is a voluntary role but travel and training expenses are paid and you will need to commit to attend at least six full REC meetings per year.

Who can apply?

We’re keen to receive applications from members of the public from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. You don’t need to have worked for the NHS, we are interested in applications from everyone.

Will I get training?

As a REC member you will gain:

  • training and access to Health Research Authority (HRA) member training events (earn CPD points for clinicians)
  • increased knowledge in research methodology and statistics
  • a better understanding of research ethics and relevant legislation
  • committee skills
  • improved understanding of the breadth of research coming into Wales

How do I get involved?

Further information on committee membership is available on the Health Research Authority become a REC member page. If you would like to chat with one of the team about this exciting opportunity please email hcrw.recsupport@wales.nhs.uk.

To apply please complete the application form and email it to hcrw.recsupport@wales.nhs.uk.