Welsh Government

Opportunities for members of the public to help shape health and social care research policy and strategy in Wales

2 September 2015

Health and Care Research Wales aims to create a culture whereby the health and social care research that takes place in Wales happens ‘with the public, for the public’. In order to help achieve this vision we are committed to ensuring the public are central to health and social care research in Wales and are able to help shape and influence strategy and policy in Wales.

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a range of opportunities for public members to become an integral part of our governance arrangements. For this purpose we are seeking to recruit:

Two public members to sit on the Division for Social Care and Health Research (DSCHR) Stakeholder Strategy Group

Public members on this Group will be responsible for offering a public perspective on the broad strategic issues that face health and care R&D in Wales. Public members will be part of a Stakeholder Strategy Group, made up of NHS Chief Executives, HEI Vice Chancellors and Welsh Government senior representatives, that will offer advice to DSCHR, Welsh Government on the broad strategic direction of R&D in health and social care in Wales.

Four public members to sit on the Health and Care Research Wales Public Delivery Board:

The Public Delivery Board is being established to work with DSCHR, Welsh Government to shape strategy and policy in relation to public involvement and engagement. This Board will act as the champion of public interest in the direction, design and conduct of research and the public’s role in it.

The Board will provide oversight of the HealthWise Wales initiative and seek to influence the wider research practices in relation to enhancing public involvement and engagement. Public members will bring their experience and understanding of public involvement to actively influence and shape the priorities for public involvement and engagement in health and social care research in Wales.

The closing date for both these opportunities is Wednesday 23 September 2015. Interviews for all opportunities will be held on Friday 2 October 2015.

Please complete the relevant application form. Please note there are different application forms for the (DSCHR) Stakeholder Strategy Group and the Health and Care Research Wales Public Delivery Board. You are permitted to apply for both positions if you wish.