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Launch of the Research Route Map

Launch of the Research Route Map

15 June 2018

Health and Care Research Wales’ comprehensive guide to research is now available to view online.

The Research Route Map is designed to help guide health and social care researchers through the research process. It aims to give researchers and research teams easy, user friendly guidance on every aspect of the research process, from whichever stage you may be at. It makes clear the support available from Health and Care Research Wales and others, providing guidance, best practice examples and key documents and templates.

You do not have to follow the entire route map, if you are looking for specific information simply click on the section you need. The guide also features a key highlighting which departments of Health and Care Research Wales can best support you at which stages of the research process. The Research Route Map provides information for all essential parts of the research process, including:

The Research Route Map has been developed through consultation with the research community in Wales.

Click here to find out more by exploring the Research Route Map yourself.