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Join the All Wales Prioritisation Panel

Join the All Wales Prioritisation Panel

27 August 2020

Health and Care Research Wales is looking for clinically active individuals to participate in prioritisation of research applications by joining the All Wales Prioritisation Panel (AWPP).

The AWPP is a group of clinically active professionals and members of the public who together participate in the process of prioritising research applications submitted to the Research for Patient and Public Benefit and Health Research Grants schemes funded by Health and Care Research Wales.

Who are we looking for?

We are particularly interested in applications from individuals clinically active in the following areas to join the already existing panel members:

  • Critical Care
  • General surgery
  • Mental Health (both child and adult)
  • Nephrology
  • Obesity and Behaviour Change
  • Rehabilitation/Recovery from serious illness
  • Respiratory physicians

However, even if this is not your area of expertise, we would be very happy to hear from you if this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, as further opportunities may arise.

What is involved?

The applications are approximately 10 pages long, and you would be asked to read anywhere from two to seven applications over a two-week period, and answer a couple of questions about the application, and give it a score. This year the likely dates are from 9 November – 27 November.

These short applications focus on the importance of the research question, and the need for the research. Members of the AWPP are asked to:

  • Consider the question posed and evaluate how important the question is to service users, patients and NHS communities in Wales.
  • Score proposals against set criteria, which will result in proposals ranked in order of importance.

This means considering the potential impact of the research on patients and the NHS, some questions we ask assessors to consider are:

  • Is there an important gap in the existing evidence?
  • Will the research either benefit a large population or have an important impact on a smaller population?
  • Will the research have the potential to influence policy or practice in health care in Wales?
  • Will the research help decision-making in the NHS and/or other health and wellbeing settings?
  • Does the application clearly address an area specified as a priority in the call documentation?

This role does not generally incur expenses, however, if expenses are incurred these would be covered by prior arrangement.

Person Specification

We do not expect every individual to demonstrate all of the attributes listed below under knowledge, skills and experience. In your application you should draw attention to those that are most relevant to you and why you think these will be useful in Chairing panel discussions.


In depth knowledge and understanding of the importance of and need for health care, and/or public health research.

Work-based/professional knowledge of:

  • On-the-ground experience delivering health care.
  • Service commissioning and/or delivery in Wales
  • Developing and/or leading health care strategy in Wales
  • Using research evidence to support decision-making.


  • Ability to communicate efficiently and effectively in writing and to provide constructive feedback.
  • Ability to refer to professional or work-based experience appropriately.
  • Computer literate, and willing to use a computer-based management information system, email, etc.
  • Ability to contribute relevant and succinct information.
  • Discretion in handling confidential information.


  • Experience of assimilating a large volume of written information into succinct critical appraisal of the information provided.
  • Experience of research, e.g. regular user of research results.
  • Current experience of working in or with the Welsh health care system.
  • Completed relevant professional training, appropriately qualified or experienced in field of expertise.

Yes, that’s me. What’s next?

If this is an opportunity you are interested in, please fill out the application form and return via email to wales@soton.ac.uk by 18 September.