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IRAS update will affect electronic authorisations

22 January 2018

The update to IRAS v5.7, which is happening on Tuesday 30 January, will affect electronic authorisations for some form types.

The IRAS v5.7 release includes revisions resulting from the recent publication of the UK Policy Framework for Health & Social Care Research. These revisions include updates to some form declaration statements and e-authorisations associated with these statements.

Please refer to the information below to find out how it may affect your project(s):

Electronic authorisations that are in place at the point of the system update to v5.7 will not be affected by the release except where the electronic authorisations type is that of:

  • Chief Investigator
  • Sponsor
  • Academic Supervisor

And the authorisation type is applied to one or more of the following form types:

  • IRAS Form
  • NHS R&D Form
  • NHS REC Form (project-based; NHS REC Forms for Research Databases and for Research Tissue Banks are not affected)
  • Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) Form

Additionally the Principal Investigator/Local Collaborator electronic authorisation for the NHS Site Specific Information (SSI) Form is also affected.

Electronic authorisations falling into the above descriptions and applied prior to the v5.7 release will be invalidated by the release.

Consequently if you are preparing an application but will not have submitted it prior to the IRAS v5.7 update then you are strongly advised to wait until after the IRAS update before you seek electronic authorisations for your application(s).

Any electronic authorisations that were applied to applications that have been submitted at the point of system update will continue to be shown in the copy of the submitted form (i.e. when you refer to the copy of the form saved in submission history).

For more information on the update, click here.