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How Wales is reaching out to the international life sciences industry

How Wales is reaching out to the international life sciences industry

24 October 2017

Wales is being promoted to the international life sciences industry as the ideal place to undertake research.

Wales has a vibrant research culture involving the NHS, industry and academia and different initiatives have helped to streamline the processes for undertaking studies; making Wales an attractive proposition to industry.

Health and Care Research Wales has produced a new brochure in order to promote the nation to life sciences companies from across the globe.

The Research in Wales brochure highlights the clinical expertise and excellent basis for research and innovation within the Welsh NHS and its potential to play a significant role in creating better therapies and technologies.

Copies of the brochure were distributed to key locations in the US last month, prior to a four-day visit by Health and Care Research Wales representatives - and colleagues from England, Scotland and Northern Ireland - aimed at promoting the UK as a global hub for research and medical innovation.

In a foreword in the brochure, Health and Care Research Wales Director, Professor Jon Bisson, said: “Through Health and Care Research Wales, the Welsh Government has established a vibrant research culture that recognises and supports fruitful collaboration with the life sciences sector.

“Through continued investment in NHS Wales, clinical research continues to gain strength as core activity, ensuring that patients are continually offered the opportunity to participate in clinical research and play a greater role in drug discovery programmes providing essential evidence for the future.”

“In support of this, Wales offers expertise across a full range of clinical specialties. Our universities are home to world-leading researchers, many of whom work collaboratively with the NHS and industry to create therapies and technologies that will bring life changing benefits to patients.”

Professor Bisson adds: “As Director of Health and Care Research Wales I am confident that through dedicated study management and commercial expertise, NHS Wales can play a significant role in the delivery of high quality research for worldwide patient benefit.”

Read the Research in Wales brochure here.


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