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Help us tell the stories that make a difference

Help us tell the stories that make a difference

28 January 2019

From paracetamol and chemotherapy, to treatments for depression and diabetes, without research we wouldn’t have many of the treatments and care that the NHS provide us with today. We know that without people agreeing to take part or become involved, the research studies that lead to these improvements wouldn’t exist – that’s why we need your help.

Tell us about your own experience of health and social care research to help empower others to become involved or take part, we need real stories about real people to help us spread the word about the life-changing research that happens in Wales.  

Have you taken part in a research study by agreeing to give a blood sample, completing a questionnaire or taking a new tablet? Or have you been involved with research by being a public representative on a research study group or checking research information for patients is easy to understand? Whatever part you’ve played in research we’d really like to hear from you.

Chris Stock, head of communications and engagement at Health and Care Research Wales, said: “You can tell me how many thousands of lives a new cancer drug will save. Or you can tell me about a woman. About her husband. About their family. About how a new drug has given them back all of their summer holidays and Christmases to come. Both are important, but only one will grip me.”

To find out more and to get involved contact the Health and Care Research Wales communications team at healthandcareresearch@wales.nhs.uk.