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Public involvement developments

Exciting developments for public involvment in Wales

31 May 2018

The way in which we support and champion public involvement in research is changing, starting with a move towards a broader Health and Care Research Wales public involvement community.

The transition from a name-based network to a more open, inclusive and diverse community aims to provide a platform for many more people to get involved with research. In turn, making research as relevant to people’s needs and concerns as possible and to improve health and social care treatments and services. We will therefore be retiring the Involving People Network name over the next few months.

The current Public Involvement and Engagement team will continue to be a dedicated support structure to enabling public involvement and will provide regular communications. In addition, the training programme, annual public involvement event and payment of expenses will continue.

This new community model will reflect levels of knowledge, skills and time commitment involved in order to support involvement opportunities. It will also simplify the advertising and selection process. Updates, tailored guidance and templates will be produced and shared by the Support and Delivery Centre Public Involvement and Engagement team.

This key change comes as a result of the Involving People Network review and Welsh Government Research and Development Department approved recommendations, and there will be lots of other positive changes happening over the next few months.

“The support of public involvement in health and social care research in Wales has evolved over many years. We link closely with UK colleagues and are proud of our unique model and how it is evolving collaboratively, in consultation and in the spirit of co-production. We hope this will ensure we can reflect on the support we provide against the UK Public Involvement Standards of being inclusive, working together, promoting support and learning, communicating appropriately, capturing and sharing impact and involving the public in governance and leadership.”

Barbara Moore, Support and Delivery Centre Senior Public Involvement and Engagement Manager  

The team are available for any queries – please get in touch at research-involvement@wales.nhs.uk