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Cancer Research Strategy for Wales

Cancer Research Strategy for Wales

8 November 2019

The Cancer Research Strategy for Wales is being developed, ready for delivery in 2020, following a recommendation in the Cancer Delivery Plan. Work commenced in August 2018 and is being led by the Wales Cancer Network (WCN), the Wales Cancer Research Centre (WCRC), and the Wales Cancer Alliance (WCA). The strategy sets out how we, as professionals, can develop and apply research to improve outcomes for cancer patients in Wales and beyond.

Information on the Cancer Research Strategy is available here. The draft strategy document, and a summary document, will be available soon. 

We have developed four ambitions for Wales:

  • Within 10 years, our research will deliver innovations that, when implemented, will reduce healthcare inequalities in Wales.
  • Within 10 years our research will deliver at least one novel cancer intervention that will be implemented worldwide.
  • Within 10 years, Wales will be a leading collaborator in multicentre research, and there will be a trebling of the number of research partnerships between scientists in Wales and beyond.
  • All cancer patients in Wales will be offered the opportunity to take part in research.

We are seeking professional and public opinion to ensure the Cancer Research Strategy for Wales is relevant, fit for purpose, and owned by all. To best capture all views on the developing strategy, we are seeking responses to two surveys: one for members of the public and one for professionals working in the field.

If you would like any further information about the Cancer Research Strategy for Wales, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Wales Cancer Research Centre.