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Applications open for ECMC status in 2017-22

15 January 2016

The call is now open for full applications for the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) quinquennium review. 

The ECMC Network strives to push the boundaries of cancer care, by delivering novel and personalised treatments that target a wide range of cancer types across both adult and paediatric specialties.

The ECMC review will take place in October 2016 and will be undertaken jointly with the Cancer Research UK Centres review. For the first time, the reviews of the Cancer Research UK Centres and the ECMCs networks are being aligned, enabling all applicants to present a unified vision for cancer research at their locations.

Existing ECMC locations are invited to apply for status for the 2017-22 period, and continue their contribution to a leading Network of early-phase clinical trials. 

Any location that is not currently an ECMC and wishes to apply for ECMC status must first fill in an Expression of Interest (EoI). 

For more information visit the ECMC website. Deadline for applications is the 15 August 2016.