Welsh Government

Involving children and young people in the design and conduct of research

Facilitators: Mr Peter Gee, Dr Jeremy Segrot, ALPHA members

Course Outline: 

Provide participants with an understanding of how to involve children and young people in the design and conduct of research. The course will be split into three parts:

1. The principles of and approaches to involving children and young people in research.

2. Case study examples to illustrate the key approaches, what facilitates and what can hinder public involvement, and the possible impacts.

3. Practical session where delegates can apply learning to develop a plan for involving children/young people in their own current research projects or research ideas.

Please note a certificate of attendance will only be issued if delegates complete all elements of the training. Times will be confirmed on receipt of the registration form

Following the training, participants will be able to:

· Identify the Principles and Practice of involving children and young people in research
· Practical methods, facilitators, Barriers and the Impact of involving young people.
· How to develop strategies for researcher to involve young people.

ALPHA:  Advice Leading to Public Health Advancement

ALPHA are a young people’s research advisory group with up to 25 members at any one time. Their role is to advise researchers by discussing and debating their views on public health topics and the research DECIPHer plans to carry out. ALPHA members will co-facilitate this training to give a young person’s perspective of being involved in research and to give researchers feedback about their ideas to involve children and young people in their own projects.

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