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Public involvement community

The public involvement community brings together members of the public from across Wales who are interested in working with researchers to improve treatments and care.

Members of the public have a real impact on research carried out in Wales and have a wide range of interest areas from cancer, mental health and diabetes, to ageing and emergency care.

Members of the public have access to:

  • The latest opportunities to get involved in research in Wales
  • A wide range of training
  • Support with expenses and payment for time
  • Regular bulletins
  • Support and guidance

Register with the public involvement community

If you’d like to register with the public involvement community, there is an online registration form or if you'd prefer you can contact the public involvement and engagement team: 02920 230457 / research-involvement@wales.nhs.uk


Find out more about the public involvement community by clicking on the questions below:

What does being registered involve?

How do researchers work with members of the public?

How will I find out about opportunities to work with researchers?

What does being registered involve?

It’s your choice how involved you are, as it’s important to work around your regular commitments.

Some research opportunities may involve commenting on a document by email, or it may be a one-off review of a website. There are also long-term opportunities which can involve you attending regular meetings over the course of a year.

You only need to express your interest in the research opportunities which suit your experience, skills, interests and availability.


How do researchers work with members of the public?

Researchers contact the public involvement and engagement team when they are looking for members of the public to work with them on a research project.

The team will discuss the project with the researcher and work with them to develop an advert for the public involvement community. Members of the public express their interest and the researcher will then select an individual/individuals to be part of the project.

If you are a researcher who wants to involve members of the public in your research, please visit the 'Involving the public in your research' page for more information or contact the public involvement and engagement team.


How will I find out about opportunities to work with researchers?

Once you have registered you will receive a weekly bulletin which provides information about opportunities to work with researchers. The bulletin will list the opportunities currently open and there will be an 'advert' explaining what experience or skills the researcher is looking for and what will be expected of you if you get involved.

For example, it may tell you that researchers are looking for two members of the public who have experience of receiving treatment for kidney disease. They may want them to help review the information given to patients invited to take part in a research study.