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In Wales, we want to achieve better health for everyone, improve the patient experience, and deliver a high-quality and safe service that will improve health outcomes. Working with the life science sector is pivotal to achieving these goals.

Wales has a vibrant research culture involving the NHS, industry and academia. Different initiatives have helped to streamline the processes for undertaking studies, making Wales an attractive proposition to industry.

The integrated Welsh NHS also provides an excellent basis for research and innovation, and has the potential to play a significant role in creating better therapies and technologies.

In addition to this, NHS Wales provides expertise across the full range of clinical specialties and Welsh universities are home to world-leading life science researchers.

These strengths, along with a government committed to improving the infrastructure to support health related research and a thriving commercial sector, make Wales the ideal place to undertake research.

Welsh Government is committed to:

  • creating a dynamic environment for the life sciences sector to undertake research and innovation in Wales; and
  • to providing a supportive environment for greater collaboration between NHS Wales, social services, academia, and industry.

To find out more, contact the industry team at industry-research@wales.nhs.uk

Research in WalesClick the image to download our Research in Wales brochure, which highlights our offer to the life sciences industry



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