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How to register your study

Health and Care Research Wales Portfolio, Commercial Research Register and Pathway to Portfolio studies

Studies applying for NHS R&D permissions in Wales will automatically be reviewed for inclusion in the Research Directory.

If your study is deemed as eligible or potentially eligible for inclusion, a pre-filled registration form will be sent to you and you will be contacted for further information to assess the study’s eligibility.

Alternatively, if your study does not require NHS R&D permission you will need to complete and submit:

  • initial study registration form
  • the study protocol
  • evidence of appropriate peer review (from 2 independent, expert reviewers)
  • the final acceptance of the study by the funders

All documents need to be submitted to portfolio@wales.nhs.uk.

Biobanks and Data Registries

Please complete the Biobank and Data Registry registration form and submit it to portfolio@wales.nhs.uk

For more information and advice on the Health and Care Research Wales Directory please email portfolio@wales.nhs.uk or click on the links below.


Eligible funders

Uploading recruitment data