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Wales Cancer Research Centre: the next five years

Wales Cancer Research Centre: the next five years

9 October 2020   |   10:00 - 12:30   |   Online   |   £0.00

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The Wales Cancer Research Centre (WCRC) was founded in 2015. Since the launch of the centre, WCRC have had the privilege of witnessing some astounding achievements. WCRC researchers have generated £50 million through the grants they have been awarded, bringing income into Wales. For every £1 of Welsh Government funding they have received, they have generated £6.66.

WCRC research outputs have made a significant contribution to the global effort to tackle cancer; to date WCRC have published 475 articles in peer reviewed journals. The scope of their research means that their work touches every element of the patient journey and will change lives, not just in Wales, but internationally.

WCRC are thrilled that the centre has been awarded funding to allow their invaluable research to continue for a further five years. This event, originally planned to take place in March, will now take place virtually. WCRC will detail their ambitions and direction of travel in this new funding period and give you a chance to share your thoughts with them.

Registration and agenda to follow.