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14 March 2019   |   08:45-16:30   |   Jurys Inn, Cardiff   |   £0.00

Theme - One Wales: Working together in research


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One Wales, many voices - Making research’s voice heard

Dr Chris Stock, Head of communications and engagement

Research and the impact on the patient

A broad overview by a patient (myself) with a long term progressive diseases and how can research impact

Angelo Micciche

Angelo is a patient with several chronic progressive conditions who has been involved with research from many perspectives. He has previously worked in the private sector for many years, and the last ten years within the NHS as well as previous experience as a Lead Governor for many years within a large Foundation Trust

Optimising Opportunities for Consent

Gaining informed consent is pivotal to the success of many types of research. There are a number of ways that researchers can facilitate this including exploring a variety of consent models and ensuring they have a process that is inclusive while still complying with GCP guidelines.

Jade Cole, Specialist nurse and team lead for critical care research

Jade completed her nursing education in Cardiff graduating in 2003. She joined the Cardiff Adult Critical Care Directorate in 2004 and completed her post graduate education at Swansea University in 2008.

She joined the Critical Care Research team as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in 2011 and was appointed to the position of Team Lead in 2017 and Deputy R&D Lead for Critical Care Research in 2018.

Her team has a unique 24/7 staffing model and have recruited over 1500 patients into trials in the last 6 years. They are recognised as one of the top performing units internationally, publishing papers in high impact journals that guide national guidelines.

Jade’s areas of interest include oral biofilms and their effects on the development of pneumonia and the use of deferred consent models in research.

Jade is currently working across Wales to promote and educate researchers about the safe and practical use of deferred consent models.

Leadership on Ice

Sir Ernest Shackleton has been called ‘the greatest leader that ever came on God’s earth, bar none’, yet he never led a team larger than 27 people, failed to achieve nearly every goal he set and, until recently, had been little remembered since his death in 1922. Stranded in the frozen Antarctic sea for nearly two years, Shackleton and his team of polar explorers endured extreme temperatures, hazardous ice, dwindling food supplies and complete isolation. Despite these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the group remained cohesive, congenial, and mercifully alive - a fact that speaks not just to luck but to an unparalleled feat of leadership.

You will learn from this gripping and inspirational account of survival against all odds as you strive to lead and effectively deliver services in the midst of a high pressured, fast moving and continuously changing environment.

Ian Govier, Senior leadership & OD manager

Ian Govier works part-time for Academi Wales and is an experienced facilitator, coach and trainer and has a successful track record of working with individuals and multi-professional teams to create and build relationships that produce effective results and purposeful change. Ian’s professional background is in nursing, education and leadership development and for the last thirty years he has worked in a wide variety of organisational settings.

Ian has over 15 years of dedicated coaching and mentoring experience both within and outside of the health and social care sectors.


  • Support & Delivery, we need you! Play your part in helping to give a timely picture of research in Wales using the Wales Local Portfolio Management System
    Reshma Raycoba, Martin Harris & Toby Hiscott

    This session will give attendees an overview of the Local Portfolio Management System (LPMS). It also aims to highlight how important using LPMS is for capturing important research related data, which will help us in showcasing the research underway in Wales. In addition, such data can help to shape critical decisions on priorities for research in Wales to deliver benefits for patients, service users and the public.

    All NHS organisations must have a data contact for each study and this session will also provide potential and current data contacts with an demonstration of the system.

    We will also show some of the business intelligence we have been able to generate to date about research in Wales, highlighting the impact this has had.
  • Putting together the pieces: Costings & Approval
    Matthew Harris, Helen Hodgson & Mike Holloway
    An interactive session describing the key steps to successfully costing research studies and gaining approval at the right time. The workshop will use real life case studies to help achieve a better understanding of the costing and approval processes for commercial and non-commercial research studies.
  • Why and how to involve the public in your research
    Barbara Moore, Emma Langley, Sarah Peddle & Amanda Wells

    Public involvement is a proactive way of ensuring that your health and social care research is relevant for the people whose lives it hopes to improve. Engaging the public ensures a dialogue with the public about your research.

    The reality of involving the public throughout the research cycle requires consideration and resources. We will providing real examples of how public involvement can shape and influence research at the early stages. The examples will also demonstrate the impact of being involved on people’s lives.  We will then ask delegates to consider what public involvement could mean for hypothetical or actual research that they may be considering in their field of work.

    The workshop will finish with information about the support that is provided by the public involvement team which ensures access to the resources needed to meaningfully involve the public. Time for questions will be factored in
  • Defining delivery - supporting research workforce planning in practice 
    Jayne Jones
    Teams who juggle the competing demands of a busy research portfolio may be interested in this workshop which explores the use of a workload and capacity assessment tool in practice. Workload and capacity assessment may have a role in guiding teams to not only plan support for research studies, but also to make cases for increased resource or specific roles. The session describes how UK colleagues have used a workload and capacity assessment tool to demonstrate the value of clinical research roles. It also includes discussion on usability in practice and benefits; practical demonstration and consideration of how this might help us in Health and Care Research Wales workforce planning and workforce development.
  • Who cares? Why stories matter to you and your work. 
    Dr Chris Stock
    It’s stories that open minds and doors to research, whether the audience are patients, colleagues or decision makers. Stories of lives transformed by new treatments, of better NHS services, of careers like yours.
  • You v You - learning & development workshop
    Details to be confirmed

    Exploring the realities of emotional set-backs and the challenge of ongoing, sustainable recovery, this workshop will go beyond neuroscience theory and explore real life stories of personal change and how the wider intelligence system is engaged throughout this continuous journey.
    We will discuss the fundamental role of energy in developing the resilience required to sustain personal change through “survive” and “thrive” events, with self-awareness playing a key role in the challenge of “You v You”.


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The venue:

Jurys Inn
1 Park Place
CF10 3UD

Travelling to Jurys Inn:

Jurys Inn is a five minute walk from Cardiff Queen Street train station and close to the M4 motorway.

The closest and cheapest car parking to the venue is at the Capitol Shopping Centre, a five minute walk from Jurys Inn. Two NCP car parks are also nearby - one on Dumfries Place and one on Greyfriars Road

Jurys Inn Cardiff is also a two minute walk from Greyfriars bus stop (Stop GL).