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1st International Social Prescribing Network Research Conference

14 June 2018   |   09:00 - 17:00   |   University of Salford   |   £TBA

The Challenges and Opportunities for Research in Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is a fresh perspective on health and social care services that links people, often those experiencing complex and multiple disadvantages, to activities and sources of social support in their community.

The past five years have witnessed an exponential increase in interest, and delivery of social prescribing initiatives, within in the UK and internationally. This has been accompanied by considerable multi-disciplinary research and evaluation activity on social prescribing emanating from practice and academia.

This inaugural conference aims to bring this research community together in one place for the first time in order to identify priority research areas and develop the evidence base with a common research framework that can look at the efficacy of non-clinical community interventions.

This conference is open to delegates who are:

  • Actively undertaking research and evaluation in social prescribing

  • Involved in implementing social prescribing schemes

  • Interested in, or currently monitoring outcomes of social prescribing or similar projects 

Submissions are welcome that address the theoretical perspectives of social prescribing, systematic reviews, research studies (quantitative or qualitative), independent evaluations, analysis of secondary data, as well as original reports of evaluations that are carried out by organisations. 

Abstracts are invited that address:

  • formative/continuous learning derived during the implementation phase of a social prescribing scheme
  • research and evaluation on the different types of impact of social prescribing schemes.

You are encouraged to think laterally and creatively about how research in other areas could be applied to social prescription, and on how to interpret our theme.

Innovative and non-traditional submissions are actively encouraged, you don’t have to be a researcher, have a doctorate, be a professor, be published or work in a university to submit an abstract. If you are considering making a submission, but are unsure about the theme or the process, please do get in touch with us at socialprescribing@outlook.com

Abstract submission instructions
Abstract submissions of no longer than 300 words using the headings below:
Aim of project:
Method(s) used:
Key Findings/Learning:

Please nominate whether this is for an oral presentation (usually 10-15 minutes), poster or either.

Submissions can take the form of oral joint presentations at panel sessions to facilitate the perspectives of different stakeholders, as well as in poster format. In the event of there being more demand for oral slots than the programme allows, people may be offered a poster session.

Submit your abstract toSocialprescribing@outlook.com no later than Friday 6 April 2018. 
NB late submissions will not be accepted. We anticipate notifying you about your abstract submission by the 16 April or thereabouts.

Please ensure that permission to present the data has been put in place before submitting your abstract and that all data sharing adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation.