Welsh Government

Research Design and Conduct Service (RDCS) Annual Event

27 September 2016   |   09:00 - 15:30   |   Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University   |   £0.00

How To Put Together A Successful Funding Application

This event is open to all NHS staff and those working in Social Care only, and focuses on applying for research funding to the RfPPB and Social Care Award calls. It is free of charge, and features consultants with a wide range of expertise including statistical methods.

The event will cover all aspects of successful funding applications including:

  • Applying for research funding
  • Working with your R&D office
  • Responding to reviewers’ comments
  • NEW: * Specific guidance based on observer feedback from this year’s RfPPB panel *

The day will focus on key aspects of successful applications.

Examples of both successful and unsuccessful RfPPB applications will be used during the day to illustrate how to maximize your chances of putting together a high-quality grant application.

Places are strictly limited to ensure adequate access to consultants. To book now, please visit: https://cardiff.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/rdcs-annual-event-september-27th

Note: Details of these funding calls are anticipated in Autumn/Winter 2016. Although the day will focus on RfPPB and Social Care Awards, the advice about funding applications will still be relevant to other grant applications, and we encourage booking on that basis too.