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R&D Offices, with the Health and Care Research Wales Support Centre, can advise on costing the study and how costs are classified. At this stage, the R&D Office can also confirm if they can sponsor the study.

Non-commercial portfolio studies:

In order to facilitate the accurate and consistent funding of activities associated with non-commercial research studies, component activities are required to be attributed to one of three categories:

  • Research cost activities
  • NHS treatment cost activities
  • NHS support cost activities

‘Attributing the costs of health and social care research & development (AcoRD)’ is the UK wide policy framework provided to guide researchers in accurately categorising the activities involved in their proposed research studies.

AcoRD Guidance Wales

Commercial research studies:

Industry sponsors will provide NHS organisations with proposed costings for all activities associated with the proposed research activities that are above standard care.

Across the UK, the use of the NIHR industry costing template has been agreed as the tool to facilitate swift negotiation of the costs between the sponsor and sites.

The Health and Care Research Wales Support Centre can provide expert advice to support the completion of the industry costing template at an NHS organisation level and can assist small to medium enterprise companies engaged in medical technology studies, who are new to NHS research, to develop their budgets.

2016/17 commercial costing templates are available. Minimal changes have been made from the 2015/16 versions and these are outlined in the 'summary of annual revisions' document.

For more information contact: research-fundingsupport@wales.nhs.uk