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NHS Vaccine Research Registry

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Sign up to be contacted about coronavirus research and help the NHS find a coronavirus vaccine

About vaccines

In the UK, vaccines save thousands of lives every year. They are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. Vaccines have the potential to help us beat coronavirus (COVID-19). 

There are different types of vaccines, and we don't know which one will work best to protect people from catching COVID-19. It might be that different vaccines are needed for different groups of people so we're planning to run a few different vaccine studies.

How you can help

We can only research COVID-19 vaccines if people like you take part.

You can sign up to give permission for researchers to contact you about taking part in COVID-19 vaccine studies. By collecting details about people who are interested in taking part in vaccine studies, the service will help cut down the time it takes to find volunteers for vaccine studies. This will help us to carry out studies and find a vaccine faster.

You can sign up if you are 18 or over, and live in the UK.

You are not signing up to take part in a specific health study when you use this service. You are letting researchers know you're happy for them to contact you if they think you might be suitable to take part in their studies.

Sign up to be contacted for coronavirus vaccine studies

Be Part of Research

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Is an online service which aims to connect members of the public, patients, clinicians, health and social care professionals with all the information you need to take part in health and care research across the UK. The service provides an opportunity to help you understand what research is and what it might mean to take part. Visit Be Part of Research to find out about health and social care research that is taking place across the UK.