Welsh Government

Application to join the Involving People Network

Please complete this form as part of your registration to join the Involving People Network. Upon receipt of your completed form we will send you a Code of Conduct to sign and return. Your membership will be considered on receipt of the application form and a signed Code of Conduct.

To make sure the Network is as representative and accessible as possible, we recognise that some members may have specific needs or disabilities that may require additional support. It would be useful if you could let us know if you have a specific requirement and what it is. For example: Diabetes – Type 1 and the need to take insulin at specific times, Sensory Loss – so we can communicate with you in an effective manner, Physical Disability – so we can ensure as far as is reasonably possible that meetings are held in accessible buildings with adequate parking. If your requirements change at any time please let us know so that we can ensure they are accommodated. See question about specific requirements or support needs.

We do not ask you as part of this application process to tell us about any experiences or interest you may have or about your skills and knowledge, as we appreciate that these change over time. Once your application has been accepted we will inform you of all opportunities and if there is one that you would like to take part in you are required to submit an expression of interest. This will be your chance to communicate how your life experiences, interests, skills and knowledge match the criteria that the researcher is seeking.

You can also find helpful guidance on how to stand out when applying for a research opportunity in the Network member resources.

By joining the Network we hope there are opportunities that you would like to apply for, but there is no obligation for you to submit an expression of interest.

By completing this form you give permission for your name, address and date of birth to be used for any checks that may be required related to your application, and for your details to be passed on to any relevant involvement opportunity leads, if selected for an opportunity.